Hamudi Bajaber

I call myself a graphic designer. But really, there's a lot more to my work than just designing graphics.

specialized in brand identity, logo design, illustration,
and collateral materials development.

Clients contact me with cool ideas—like a new business they're starting, or a dream project they're working on—but they need a little help figuring out how it looks, or how to make it feel a certain way.
I listen carefully to what my clients need, and gather information to learn about what inspired their project and their vision for its future. With this in mind, I work my "graphic design magic" and create products that look and function just like my clients imagined.

What I Do


I create and implements all needed website/social/email/advertising graphic design and brand creative needs. Am also responsible for the quality of the final creative work. The workload includes translating seasonal visual brand direction into seasonal designs, and execution across channels and platforms. I also responsible for sourcing and overseeing all printed production.

Web Design

I’ve specialized in the creation of responsive websites and visual identities for clients across the world. The work I create helps my clients move closer to their goals. The aim is to boost client profits through improved attraction and retention of ideal customer bases.

Creative Design

I do all creative design & enjoy tackling your creative challenges. Branding is how a business express itself to consumers, and wants to be recognize by clients, the way a company chooses name, designs a logo, use colors, shapes and other visual elements in its products, using the content in its marketing.brand image is the actual result of these efforts.

Marketing Strategy

Every great brand has an equally great marketing strategy behind it. This ultimately gives it its direction. Without a strategy, brands can’t hope to achieve their ambitions.